Ryan Seacrest recently weighed in on Claudia Conway’s American Idol audition. The longtime host of the singing competition show got real about Conway’s chances of going all the way on the program. Seacrest also had a very definite take on whether or not Conway’s well-known, but controversial parents, President Donald Trump spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway and Trump critic George Conway, would have any effect on the teenager’s chances.

Claudia Conway Tries Out For ‘American Idol’

Claudia Conway is probably best known for her Tik Toks exposing inconvenient truths about the Trump administration, as well as her insights about her parents, Kellyanne and George. The 16 year old is apparently seeking to expand her talents, however, and recently auditioned for American Idol’s latest season.

TMZ caught up with Idol host Ryan Seacrest today and though he obviously couldn’t spill the beans about how the audition went, he had some interesting comments to share about the teen’s chances. Seacrest got the chance to meet Claudia and her father and said she was “very nice.”

I met her and her dad George at the auditions and she was great. I was not in the room when she sang, but she seemed like she really wanted to be a singer.

‘It’s Going To Have To Be Based On Talent’ —Ryan Seacrest

When asked if Claudia’s infamous parents would affect the teen’s chances in the competition, Seacrest answered that the judges “certainly knew who she was, so there was a lot to talk to her about, but we’ll see. At the end of the day, it’s going to have to be based on talent.” The reporter then followed that question up by asking if Claudia got the audition based on her family name or talent, prompting Seacrest to say,

I don’t know. I think that if she’s a good enough singer, she would have been put up to that place, to talk to me, and then go in the room. I’m not the judge. That’s the good news. I can just say ‘I dunno.’

Overall, however, Seacrest emphasized that Claudia, and her dad who accompanied her to the audition, were “very nice and her dad was very proud. George was very proud and giving her direction. And she said that he is a very good coach. He’s a very good coach.” As for how far Claudia could possibly go in the competition, he kept it vague and simply said, “We shall see.”

It seems as if Seacrest was trying hard to make sure that there wasn’t any hint of nepotism involved in Claudia Conway’s audition, which is good news for American Idol. The show has been hit by several controversies over the years, so the absolute last thing the show needs now is any hint of trouble.

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