One rumor says that superstars Tom Cruise and Gal Gadot are getting more than a little friendly with one another, much to the dismay of Gadot’s husband. The story’s pretty spicy at first glance, so Gossip Cop looked into the claim. Here’s what we found.

Who’s Tom Cruise’s New Best Friend?

Declaring her as “Tom’s Gal Pal,” Star writes that there’s something going on between Gal Gadot and Tom Cruise. The outlet calls them “Hollywood’s newest power couple,” despite Cruise attempts to “keep it hush-hush” that “there’s a secret woman in his life” now. Gadot, of course, is that woman, and she’s become more than Cruise’s confidante — “he leans on Gal for advice about practically everything, from fight scenes to dialogue and even dating,” an anonymous source reveals to the magazine. “They have this incredible connection.”

The insider points to their 2010 film, Knight and Day, as the start point for their intense partnership after Cruise “became her mentor of sorts, and he couldn’t be prouder to see her blossom into an action movie star in her own right,” the tipster explains. “As for Gal, she’ll never forget how Tom paved the way for her to get where she is now.” Although the outlet admits their careers are distinct at the moment, what with Cruise pursuing Mission: Impossible‘s high-stakes stunts and Gadot focusing on her role as DC’s Wonder Woman, the insider is certain that “they’re searching for a project to do together.”

Star waits until the end of the gossip to address the elephant in the room: Gadot’s husband, Jaron Varsano. “It’s annoying for him because Tom’s in contact with Gal all the time. Yaron wishes he’d get a life!” the snitch concludes. At the time this story originally appeared in the magazine in April, the country hadn’t shut down and gone into lockdown, drastically disrupting nearly every industry, including Hollywood. Still, that doesn’t excuse some of the basic mistakes that appear in this gossip.

When Will Gal Gadot And Tom Cruise Work Together?

Don’t get us wrong, Gadot and Cruise have thoroughly proved themselves as charismatic action stars that can do more than just fight bad guys and ride motorcycles, and they’d probably collaborate on a far better project than the middling performance of Knight and Day. But it’s not like the two really spent that much time together on set — at the time, Gadot was a minor star in comparison to Cruise, so her role was very limited. Furthermore, their career paths have diverged for the foreseeable future.

Gadot is currently busy with a number of films and projects, including her role in the DC universe. While she may be wrapping up her superhero commitments after the eventual release of Wonder Woman 1984, Tom Cruise might not have any free time for years. He’s so intensely focused on pushing the limits of action-packed filmmaking that his actual next collaboration looks to be with SpaceX so he can film a movie in space. Unless Gadot joins one of the Cruise-led projects — which could hardly be called a joint venture — there’s no chance for the two to work on something as equals.

Plus, this rumor originally surfaced months ago and there’s been pretty much no news about Cruise or Gadot even mentioned the other in an interview or on social media. Like we said earlier, they had a few scenes together in a film from a decade ago. They’re not buddy-buddy, and they’re certainly not calling each other every day. We imagine that Cruise and Gadot are somewhat friendly — as friendly as you can be with a temporary coworker from ten years ago — but you’d think two people that supposedly talk enough to anger one of their spouses would mention the other during an interview at some point in the past few years. There is no years-old partnership between the two, nor is there any trouble between Gadot and her husband. Star invented this “relationship” wholesale with its eye-rolling language.

Some Celebrity Gossip Just Doesn’t Make Sense

This isn’t even the first time Gossip Cop has investigated a Star report and found a fabricated relationship. The outlet invented a feud between Gal Gadot and Kristen Wiig on the set of Wonder Woman 1984 that had literally no basis in reality. Likewise, it took more than a few creative liberties with its 2018 rumor about Cruise quitting Scientology for the sake of his relationship with his daughter Suri. We don’t know if these insiders are supposed to be close with the stars or active in the industry, but either way, this tabloid isn’t worth listening to when it comes to celebrity relationships of any kind.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.

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