From Magnum P.I. to Blue Bloods, Tom Selleck has been a fixture on broadcast television for about forty years now. He doesn’t show any sign of stopping, even as he approaches 76. Gossip Cop has busted many rumors about Selleck’s future, so we’ve decided to compile some of them here.

He’s Leaving ‘Blue Bloods’ Due To Poor Health

Not only would Selleck be leaving Blue Bloods, but the National Enquirer went so far as to say he “may not have much longer” to live. He was allegedly having trouble even “for simple scenes, like getting out of a police car.” Selleck has always been physically fit, so Gossip Cop was skeptical. A spokesperson for Selleck told us on the record this was “unequivocally not true.” Selleck will return to the show which has earned him salutes from the actual NYPD.

Selleck Leaving Hollywood Behind

According to Star, Selleck isn’t dying, but he is dying to get out of Hollywood (sorry). The Friends guest star “wants to do outdoorsy things” like go on a ranch “and he wants to spend more time with his family.” Selleck is “not attached to fame and the trappings that go along with it,” plus he “has more than enough money.” While going off into that good night doesn’t sound half bad, it’s also completely untrue. Selleck told People about his future: “I don’t think there is an endpoint. I think there is a lot of life in the show, as long as you let your characters grow and get older.”It sounds like Selleck is game to be on Blue Bloods for as long it stays on the air and has no plans of leaving Hollywood anytime soon.

Mark Harmon Bad Blood Causes Top Dog Debate

Fellow ABC star Mark Harmon and Tom Selleck starred in the TV movie Crossfire Trail, which was among the most successful made-for-cable movies ever until High School Musical 2 came along. Harmon felt that the successful movie bombed and could’ve capsized his career. Should the National Enquirer be believed, the two network stars are on a collision course where neither will retire until the other. Wait, didn’t this same tabloid say Selleck was dying? Now tensions “may be coming to a head” with Harmon? A spokesperson for Selleck told Gossip Cop this story was “completely false.”

Scathing Memoir Is On The Way

The National Enquirer was at it again when it claimed Selleck was writing a scathing tell-all memoir. The tabloid claimed he would make $10 million for the memoir, and was motivated to write it so he would “have the final word about the events in” his life. Perhaps he could address seeing Cats a dozen times, or how his marriage is going. Selleck is indeed working on a memoir, but it’s not going “to blow the lid off his ugly divorce” or be at all vindictive.

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