Bindi Irwin had a wonderful 2020. The Dancing With The Stars champion got married to Chandler Powell and the two are pregnant with a baby girl. The tabloids would have you believe that Bindi is constantly arguing with her mother Terri Irwin over motherhood and money. Gossip Cop’s top Irwin story of 2020 was about her arguing over Steve Irwin’s millions.

Steve Irwin’s Gold Mine

In November Woman’s Day reported that Bindi Irwin was fighting with her family over the fortune of her late father Steve Irwin. Powell and Bindi have started “preparing for their daughter’s future” and this has made Terri Irwin realize “they are sitting on a gold mine.” Terri has been “responsible for the family fortune and making payments to her kids,” but with the birth of her granddaughter coming soon, she’s realized her kids “are old enough now to have some form of control” over their own finances.

A Total Non-Story

The cover of this story seems to promise dirty details about “the fight for Steve’s millions,” but the story itself could not be further from this headline. This was a pretty blatant bait-and-switch story that lured you in with drama and delivered nothing at all. The Irwin family is famously close, as Irwin’s Instagram contains loads of photos of her mother and brother.

The story described could be true, financial planning happens, especially with a baby on the way, but it’s impossible to believe the tabloid when it only provided soft evidence. Even if this financial planning story was true, who cares? Financial planning is one of the least interesting things about a pregnancy. The tabloid just wanted to exploit the public’s memory of Steve Irwin for a bit of its own profit. That’s why Gossip Cop is naming this one of the most ridiculous gossip stories of the year.

Hardly The Only Bait And Switch

For whatever reason, the Irwin family is frequently subjected to these silly bait-and-switch stories. New Idea, which shares an owner with the tabloid in question, claimed Irwin was pregnant with twins, only for the article to say she could be pregnant with twins. A few months later and it upped the ante to Bindi being pregnant with quadruplets, only for the tabloid to immediately clarify that she was only having one baby.

In yet another bait and switch, New Idea said Terri and reporter Richard Wilkins had gone public with their relationship, which Wilkins himself said was “such bulls—.” Gossip Cop is inclined to agree with Wilkin. For some reason, tabloids just love putting the Irwin’s on their covers, but the family is so wholesome that the facts can never back up their crazy headlines.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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