One of the top rumors this year about Tom Brady and Gisele Büdchen claimed the couple was headed for a “$600 million” divorce. One tabloid insisted the couple was in danger of breaking up after a series of “nasty, blowout fights” over Brady’s refusal to retire from football. Gossip Cop looked into the rumor when it first crossed our path earlier this year and now we’re taking a look back to make sure we didn’t miss anything.

Gisele Bündchen, Tom Brady On The Verge Of “$600 Million Divorce?”

At the beginning of the year, Life & Style ran a sensationalized cover claiming Gisele Bündchen had “dumped” Tom Brady and the two were headed for a “$600 million divorce.” At the root of the problem, the tabloid explained, was the fact that Brady refused to retire from his highly successful football career. A source told the outlet Bündchen was “begging Tom to retire.”

Gisele puts up with his training and game schedule, but she hates that he’s away from home so much.

Ugly Fights and Threats To Leave

The suspicious source went on to allege that Bündchen and Brady were having “nasty, blowout fights” over Brady’s career. “One was after Gisele told Tom that a psychic told her to leave him,” added a questionable insider. “Of course he told her that was ridiculous and laughed at her.”

They’ve said some really ugly things to each other – it’s gotten really bad. Some friends think there’s no going back.

Gossip Cop didn’t believe this over-the-top reporting for a single moment. For starters, Gisele Bündchen had directly contradicted the tabloid’s assertions in a then-recent interview with the Observer. The supermodel told the publication, “I’ve been with my husband for more than 12 years now and, as you know, men are very… They want a lot of attention… So I think the important part is to have fully present moments with everybody. I think that leads to fulfillment.”

We also looked to Bündchen’s social media to gain some insight into her relationship with her husband, as well as her thoughts about his career. We found posts from the model cheering Brady on as he played in the Superbowl. Despite the negative stories in the tabloids, as well as the couple’s real life struggles, Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen have maintained a healthy, happy marriage in 2020.

It’s ironic that this tabloid pushed this bogus tale about a $600 million this year, especially since Brady and Bündchen have opened up like never before about their actual marital problems, not the fake stuff that the tabloids run. Brady even confessed earlier this year that he’d had to make a “transition” in his life in order to focus more on his family. This is why it never pays to believe the tabloids, the real story is never in the pages of those trashy outlets.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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