Meghan Markle and Prince Harry get more bogus tabloid coverage than perhaps any other couple on the planet. The internationally famous ex-royals are subjected to every horrible rumor imaginable. Gossip Cop’s top rumor about them in 2020 was about their leaked divorce papers. Let’s review that old rumor, shall we?

‘Divorce Papers Leaked!’

Back in April, Woman’s Day claimed on its cover to have an incredible exclusive: the leaked divorce papers of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. The article itself was titled “Meghan’s Dirty Divorce Plot Revealed!” Insiders tell the tabloid that was all a part of Markle’s master plan all along, “to bring the boys to America, so she could live the celebrity life she’s always dreamed of.” In America, she would have more power because Prince Harry would be “isolated from his family in a country where she holds all the cards in terms of legal rights.”

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry greeting supporters while wearing black coats

A Bait And Switch

You probably expected some divorce papers right? Well, you’ll be disappointed. This was an egregious bait and switch story. The tabloid shoehorned in some details about Markle’s first divorce to satisfy its divorce papers quota but come on. It deliberately misled the reader to read about a Sussex divorce that did not and does not exist.

Gossip Cop confronts loads of bait and switch stories about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, primarily from New Idea who are under the same corporate umbrella as the tabloid in question. New Idea has claimed Meghan Markle had been arrested only to say she was willing to get arrested over her beliefs. It said Prince Harry was in rehab, but the story was about how he might go to a wellness retreat someday. It pulled the exact same stunt as this tabloid too, citing Markle’s old divorce papers in a story about an impending divorce.

Meghan Markle wearing a blue denim shirt at an event

It Was Just Another Hit Piece

Markle and Prince Harry moved to the United States for a multitude of reasons, but this tabloid wants you to think Markle planned this all out like a supervillain so she could feed her ego. This was a disgusting story that wanted you to think the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were getting a divorce which simply did not happen.

Even More Bogus Markle Stories

This was hardly the final time Woman’s Day attacked the Duchess of Sussex. It claimed the Suits star ruined Princess Beatrice’s wedding despite not even attending it. Markle was apparently extorting the royal family with the threat of a Princess Diana documentary, but Gossip Cop busted that story because no such documentary was ever announced.

This tabloid even tried to promote this divorce rumor again in November, saying the Sussexes had their worst fight ever and would break up. As we enter 2021, the Sussexes are closer than ever with podcasts and Netflix series soon to come. Suffice to say, they did not break-up and this tabloid has no idea what it’s reporting about.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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