Prince Harry’s marriage to Meghan Markle allegedly came to a breaking point earlier this year after Markle issued her husband a “divorce ultimatum,” according to one tabloid. The rumor of marital tension between the two royal rebels became one of the biggest rumors of the year. Gossip Cop investigated the rumor when it came to our attention, and now we’re taking a look back to see if we made the correct judgement.

Meghan Markle Told Prince Harry “It’s Me Or Them?”

The Globe reported earlier this year that Meghan Markle had told her husband, “It’s me or them,” with “them,” of course, being the rest of Prince Harry’s royal family. The Duke of Sussex was supposedly “negotiating” with the British royal family in order to bring about an end to the couple’s “royal exile.” The so-called “palace insider” claimed Markle allegedly “screamed,”

‘You can go back — but Archie and I are staying in America!’

Prince Harry, the suspicious source continued, blamed Markle “for masterminding their disastrous ‘we quit move to America,” and had promised his family “he’d make his wife toe the royal line this time.” But, the source snitched, “Meghan wants no part of it!”

She knows she’s worn out her welcome with her diva demands, temper tantrums and publicity stunts and just wants to get on with her celebrity life!

The supposed insider went on to say, “She warned Harry ‘to make the right decision or realize you’ll never see your son again!’” Let’s break down this story down a bit before we get to our final judgement.

Gossip Cop’s Take

First, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry weren’t “exiled” from the royal family. The two voluntarily stepped down from their roles as Senior Royals. A big reason the couple decided to do so was because of the neverending deluge of negative, demonstrably false stories targeting Markle. Prince Harry has been very vocal in recent years that he will not allow his wife to be harassed by the tabloids in the same way his mother, the late Princess Diana, was.

Secondly, Prince Harry has not returned to the U.K. since his and Markle’s farewell tour in March. This was probably in large part due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which has greatly affected international travel as countries attempt to stop the spread of the deadly virus. Prince Harry never had any plans to leave the country, which totally negated the tabloid’s reasoning behind the couple’s supposed fight.

The Globe is notorious for its baseless accusations and nonsensical narratives when it comes to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Just this summer, the tabloid claimed Prince Harry and his brother Prince William were planning to exhume their mother’s body because they believed Princess Diana’s death might have been “a murder.” Gossip Cop wasted no time debunking the morbid, and utterly false, report.

We also busted this outlet for claiming Prince Charles told Prince Harry that he wasn’t his biological father. It’s safe to say that Prince Harry is indeed Prince Charles’ son. This tabloid excels in recycling old, wrong rumors about the British royal family as if it’s reciting facts. Don’t be fooled.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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