Academy Award winners Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary last year. Despite the marriage lasting so long, tabloids constantly report stories about strife between the two stars. Here are some of the stories Gossip Cop has heard about problems between Douglas and Zeta-Jones.

‘Catherine Dumps Michael’

This cover story from Star claimed that Zeta-Jones was dumping Douglas “only 21 days after [his] dad [Kirk Douglas] dies.” An alleged source said that the Ocean’s Twelve star “stayed this long because she didn’t want to let Kirk down, he was so big on family and tradition. But now that her father-in-law is gone, so is her resolve not to stay in an unhappy situation.” Zeta-Jones was leaving Douglas’ “self-absorbed nonsense” and wanted to “buy new clothes and feel desirable again.” Gossip Cop busted this exploitative story after Zeta-Jones’ spokesperson told us it “couldn’t be further from the truth.” The whole story was “completely false,” save for details on the love Zeta-Jones had for her late father-in-law.

Zeta-Jones Jealous Of Kathleen Turner

According to the National Enquirer, Catherine Zeta-Jones was jealous of the relationship between Douglas and his The Kominsky Method co-star Kathleen Turner. A questionable tipster said, “Catherine knows how close Michael and Kathleen once were and she’s really uncomfortable about their rekindling the chemistry that made them a hot movie duo.” With Douglas’ “wild crush” back in the mix, “Catherine is on high alert!” This was an odd story as it came out six months after Turner guested on The Kominsky Method, so it was hardly breaking news. A rep for Zeta-Jones dismissed this story as not true.

A $350 Million Divorce

According to New Idea, Zeta-Jones and Douglas’ “marriage is effectively over.” It used the same premise as Star once did, arguing that with Kirk Douglas “not around, she’s realized the older she and Michael get, the bigger the age gap gets.” This is factually not true, for they’ll always be 25 years apart. Anyway, Gossip Cop busted this story after Instagram photos showed the two were still together. A source close to the situation called it “ridiculous,” and we couldn’t agree more.

‘All Hell Breaks Loose’

The most recent divorce story comes from In Touch, which said that the marriage of Zeta-Jones and Douglas would soon end over “[concerns] for Michael’s health.” The COVID-19 lockdown supposedly “led to a lot of fighting,” and Zeta-Jones was “ready for a little more excitement in her life.” The tabloid cited a “frantic 911 call” as evidence of strife, but there’s no evidence that any such call happened. Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas are celebrating a new grandchild and twenty years together, but they are not planning a divorce.

Despite the frequency of this narrative, it still doesn’t add up whatsoever. The two look to be happily together after all these years as evidenced by recent Instagram posts.

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