It’s been one year since Gossip Cop busted a story about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West getting a $600 million divorce. Since we ran that story, so much has happened in the world and for the West family that we thought we should take a look back.

Just Putting On A Show For The Cameras

“Anyone around them will tell you their romance is on the rocks,” said the National Enquirer. In a rather generic divorce story, the tabloid cited a so-called “insider” who claimed: “This has become more of an arrangement than a loving marriage.” Kardashian was upset over his “lack of concern about being at home for her and the kids,” for he preferred to spend “hours on end in the studio.” Divorce rumors between these two are wicked common in tabloids; here the number was $600 million but we’ve seen as high as $2 billion.

West’s rep went on the record to deny this entire report. The story never really got into gritty details and couldn’t point toward many specifics, like when it said West was “talking in riddles” but never said what exactly that meant. Gossip Cop busted this story at the time because of Kardashian’s public support of her husband.

So… How Has West’s 2020 Been?

Sigh. Okay. West’s behavior grew increasingly erratic as his mental health hit a skid. He apologized to his wife on twitter over some uncouth comments during one of his outbursts. Kardashian has stood by West through everything and has publicly asked for empathy as the family sorts everything out. She still loves West, and regularly posts photos of him on Instagram.

Kardashian’s Thoughts On Divorce

People, a far more reputable source than this tabloid, recently ran a story about if Kardashian considers divorce. It said she “still sees divorce as a last resort” and wants to “save” the marriage. The tabloid story clearly never came to fruition, and it looks like Kardashian is willing to do everything she can to make the marriage work.

Other Phony Kardashian/West Stories

Not long after we debunked this $600 million divorce rumor, the National Enquirer called divorce again, this time over West’s religious obsession. One of West’s first hits was “Jesus Walks,” so it’s silly to think Kardashian did not know he was religious. Gossip Cop debunked that divorce rumor as well.

This tabloid showed a lack of empathy when it said West’s meltdown was orchestrated to promote Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Oh, and there’s the time this tabloid said West was going to give up rapping to become not just a painter, but the “new Picasso” of painting. That last one is humorous but no more true than any of these other made-up stories.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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