Did Katie Holmes and Justin Theroux get serious last year? Gossip Cop investigated the report when it came out. Here’s a look back on the story and if there was a romance between the two entertainers.

Katie & Justin’s Low-Key Romance

In 2019, Woman’s Day alleged Holmes and Theroux went on a string of dates after their supposed meetup the month before. According to the tabloid, the actors had a “cozy dinner at her apartment, where it’s believed he stayed the night.” An insider claimed one of the Dawson’s Creek actress’ friends apparently was chatting on the phone with Holmes “the morning after” and “she swore she heard Justin in the background.”

Did Suri Cruise Approve Of This Romance Too?

The magazine then went on to note how Theroux and Holmes were allegedly “the one” for each other because of their shared love for indie movies. The unnamed source then alleged Holmes and the Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle actor was trying to “slow down” the blossoming relationship for the sake of Holmes’ daughter, Suri Cruise. “But Suri met Justin,” the insider revealed, adding, “and she convinced her mom to go for it.”

Did Katie Holmes And Justin Theroux Really Get Serious? We Have The Answer

Gossip Cop, however, has corrected the claim that Katie Holmes and Justin Theroux were dating. several times and at the time, we debunked this phony report too. Honestly, Gossip Cop is not sure why the tabloids have this fascination with Holmes and Theroux, but we can assure you that the two have never had any “secret dates.” Holmes is currently in a relationship with Emilio Vitolo Jr. Before that, the actress had a high-profile romance with Jamie Foxx. In regards to Theroux, the actor has been spotted out with a few women following his surprising split from Jennifer Aniston. Still, there hasn’t been any more reliable articles confirming a romance between Holmes and Theroux.

The Tabloids Continue To Lie About Katie Holmes

As for Woman’s Day, Gossip Cop has busted the tabloid for consistently being incorrect when it comes to reporting on Holmes. Recently, we clarified a story from the magazine that alleged Holmes was planning a wedding with Vitolo Jr. The outlet alleged the actress was “hearing wedding bells” because she was seen visiting St. Patrick’s Cathedral with the chef. Gossip Cop explained the visit could’ve just been that, a visit.

The same publication also asserted the actress was already pregnant with the celebrity chef’s baby. Given the fact that the two just started dating, we doubt the Batman Begins star was expecting a child. Also, the tabloid had no real evidence to support its claim. We dismissed the bogus report at the time. A spokesperson has confirmed with us that they aren’t getting married (at least not yet) and a baby is not on the way.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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