Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s marriage is an on-going subject that the tabloids like to dissect. Last year, one magazine stated Kidman was quitting show business to salvage her marriage. Gossip Cop investigated the story. Here’s what we uncovered and if the actress followed through with this claim.

Nicole Kidman’s Desperate Attempt To Save Her Marriage

Last October, the Globe reported that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban were butting heads over her busy career, leading to Kidman’s decision to quit acting in an attempt to save her marriage. An insider stated to the Globe that Kidman was “neglecting” her husband and their two daughters and knew she’d either had to give up her career or lose her family forever. The source further stated the presumed argument that happened between Kidman and Urban took place at Monaco’s Global Ocean Gala where everyone was aware of the “chilly” atmosphere between the pair.

It bears mentioning that it’s a little eccentric for Kidman to just up and quit her decades-long career because of an argument. Yet, the Globe claimed the Aquaman star was taking a year off from acting to spend more time with her family.

Did Nicole Follow Through? We Have The Answer

Gossip Cop looked into the report when it came out 365 days ago. The story was untrue then and it’s still untrue now. We ran the narrative by a rep for Kidman who confirmed the article was false. Also, the actress’s latest show, The Undoing, is set to premiere later this month. In addition to other projects Kidman is attached to, it’s quite clear the Happy Feet star isn’t leaving Hollywood anytime soon. Like most entertainers, Kidman did reveal during an interview with Deadline that she thought about quitting acting. But, the actress stated this thought crossed her mind 10 years ago after the birth of her daughter, Sunday Rose.

And What About Nicole’s Marriage To Keith Urban?

As for her relationship with Keith Urban, Gossip Cop has corrected the idea that the two were having marital problems more times than we can count. Take, for instance, a phony report from the Globe we busted two years ago that alleged Kidman was filing for divorce from Urban. The outlet purported the Big Little Lies star was “fed up” with her country-singing husband’s “wandering eye” and “history of drug abuse.” For obvious reasons, the story wasn’t true. The couple is very much still together, even though the tabloids continue to claim otherwise.

Another story we’ve debunked from the paper alleged Kidman was speaking to Tom Cruise behind her husband’s back. While the Australian actress has always spoken highly of her former spouse, Gossip Cop corrected the tale. We learned from a more trusted source that Kidman wasn’t hiding any secret conversations from Urban.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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