Armie Hammer is facing severe scrutiny after leaked direct messages allegedly from the actor feature violent sexual fantasies and language. Twitter users have posted screenshots and screen recordings of the messages that look to be from Hammer’s verified Instagram account, as well as a voice clip that supposedly belongs to him. Gossip Cop cannot verify any of the claims or content whatsoever.

There are some complicating factors when it comes to the scandal. Of course, it’s entirely possible to fake or doctor direct messages, including screen recordings. That being said, Twitter users have argued that there are apparently multiple women making similar claims, but at the same time, others are claiming that the account that leaked the DMs admitted to the situation being some sort of made-up plot. That alleged confession, in turn, was called out for being fake. Additionally, the user who posted the voice recording subsequently made their account private.

Supporters of the actor are arguing that the messages, which include mentions of drinking blood and breaking bones, are meant to be roleplay rather than direct threats. However, some of the allegations include a lack of consent from the woman, which is far more disturbing than some sort of Hannibal Lecter-like fantasy.

Before he deleted his old Twitter account a few years ago, fans found out that Hammer had liked multiple photos of bondage, which lines up with some of the alleged messages. There’s nothing wrong with that material, of course, but engaging in that sort of talk or behavior with someone who may not have consented is problematic at the very least. But again, there’s no concrete evidence as of yet, as it mostly just seems to be a spread of screenshots of Instagram direct messages from anonymous accounts. The accuser shared a photo of a tattooed hand that’s supposed to be Hammer’s, but we can’t say for sure what that means.

We really don’t know anything for sure here other than the fact that the content of these messages would be considered highly disturbing to most people, regardless of whether or not they’re pure fantasy or if they were written by the actor or someone else. Some of the messages seem to be from while he was still married, as one screenshot seems to show the @armiehammer account issuing a threat if his wife finds out about the woman.

Last July, Hammer split with his now ex-wife, Elizabeth Chambers, after ten years of marriage, but we don’t know if that’s in any way connected to these allegations or possible affairs. We reached out to Armie Hammer’s spokesperson for a statement on the situation, but have not yet heard back. We will continue to follow the story.

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