Is Willie Nelson set on recording one last romantic duet with Dolly Parton, which isn’t making the crooner’s wife, Annie D’Angelo, very happy? One tabloid has reported this to be the case. Gossip Cop looked into the story and determined there were some areas that needed reviewing.

Willie Nelson Dying To Sing With Dolly Parton Again

The Globe published an article claiming Nelson was dying to sing with Parton again under the salacious headline, “Willie Wants To Do It Again With Dolly!” Describing the 87-year-old country legend as “ailing,” the outlet maintained that Nelson had been “pleading” with Parton to join up with him again for a “musical reunion with the 74-year-old blonde he’s crushed on for decades.” A so-called “source” for the outlet explained,

He’s still her biggest fan and thinks Dolly is the sexiest woman he ever laid eyes on.

Dolly Parton wearing a low-cut dress at the premiere of Joyful Noise

Citing Nelson’s repeated battles with pneumonia and emphysema that have supposedly left the singer with a “now or never” attitude. Recording with the “Jolene” singer “would be the icing on the cake,” the questionable insider went on to say. “He’d love to go on tour with her, too. They used to have so much fun performing together years ago.”

Parton’s Not So Sure

Dolly Parton, according to the source, is “flattered to pieces” and “thinks the world” of Nelson, but the tabloid and its insider seemed to believe she’d hesitate to sing with her old friend again, even if it is his dying wish. The outlet quotes Parton as saying, “He’s so hard to sing with.”

Regardless, the source said Parton is “honored that he wants to work with her again.” Someone who’s not so happy about the prospect of a reunion between the two country idols is Annie D’Angelo, Nelson’s wife. D’Angelo “isn’t thrilled to see her husband lusting after Dolly,” the source snitched, adding,

But no one tells this man what to do. He’s got an obsession and what he wants most is to sing sweet music with Dolly again.

Willie Nelson and his wife Annie D'Angelo on the red carpet

It’s really no surprise that the Globe would run a story as sketchy as this one. After all, this is the same tabloid that claimed Dolly Parton was retiring over health issues. Spoiler alert, she has not. Just like that instance, it seems as if this outlet is up to its old tricks again by manufacturing a phony health crisis to help support its bogus narrative. Yes, Nelson has had health problems in the past, and yes, he’s at an age he’s got more time behind him than ahead, but it’s frankly ghoulish of the tabloid to insist the singer is making his final wishes.

Also, it’s incredibly insulting to both Nelson and Parton to even insinuate that there’s something going on between the two professionals. The tabloid’s past transgressions definitely don’t help its case here, either, which is why Gossip Cop determined this story is probably false.

We’ve also had to call out the Globe’s sister publication, the National Enquirer, when it’s published phony tales about Dolly Parton. The outlet once reported that Parton would never sing again, but she soon proved them wrong by releasing a new song. Tabloids like the ones listed above don’t care about telling the truth, they simply want to trick readers into purchasing.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop can’t say for sure, but this is most likely false, given the evidence.

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