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Dennis Quaid looks almost exactly the same at 66 years old as he did when he was in his 30s. The seemingly non-aging star credits advice he was given by an older man while he was still in his 20s. Now that he’s closing in on 70, it’s obvious that the well-meaning advice served Quaid well.

Dennis Quaid’s Workout Dedications Stems From Great Advice

Dennis Quaid has been handsome at every age, but he’s really hit his stride in his late 60s. Quaid spoke with Men’s Health about his exercise regimen and how he’s adjusted it over the years to accommodate his changing body. One piece of advice originally given to him in his 20s has been the core of Quaid’s workout philosophy.

“I used to box when I was in my 20s,” Quaid recalled. “There was this guy at the time at the Hollywood Y, who was in incredible shape in his 50s. I asked him that same question. ‘How do you do that?’ He told me, ‘You take care of yourself in your 20s and 30s and the rest will take care of itself.’” That advice followed Quaid for decades, and almost 40 years later, Quaid admitted, “He was right.”

Workouts Change But Stay The Same

The Parent Trap actor explained that the advice didn’t mean you had to live your life in a gym, “but you do have to live your life with that in mind. Because if you let it go, every time it gets a little harder to get back.” Quaid stuck with that mindset through the years and the results speak for themselves.

Now Quaid looks at working out with sincere enjoyment. The way he’s kept fit has changed, but he still relies on a mix of cardio and weight training to stay in shape. “I was a runner for about 35 years, but that gets hard on the knees and the joints. At least for me. So I turned to cycling, which I’m currently doing,” Quaid said, adding, “That and yoga. Along with that, you got to still get into the gym and lift. Do the sit-ups.” Despite the simple way Quaid described his workout, it’s an incredibly impressive regiment, especially considering the actor’s age.

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