We’re slowing becoming aware of the media’s power to program our lives via music, films, memes, pictures, ads, gaming, etc.  How hard is it buck this system? I’ve been wondering this.

Over the years, I’ve mentioned the profound affect that music and some movies have had on my life. With Venus square Neptune, I easily absorb whatever is being broadcast.

I grew up with men chasing women in movies and in song.  The men of my generation received similar programming. Relationships are considered important and worthwhile.  Love was thrilling and partnering was presented as a path to happiness.

I became the kind of woman, the male artists I admired, admired. It’s kind of funny and stupid but I  feel fortunate in this regard because there was a way to have it work out.

Younger generations have been inundated with doom and darker themes when it comes to love.  Someone is going to cut your throat ’round every corner.  If you fall in love, prepare to be ruined in every way imaginable.

I wrestle with this because some people I consult with can’t fathom how partnering would solve many of their problems.  It doesn’t even occur to them, there’s a true “better half” out there. A soul meant for their soul.

Recently, I’ve started listening to my old music. I came across another Nick Lowe song, “Mess Around With Love”.

Lowe is trying to fix a relationship. In trying to persuade the other, he mentions the knowledge theyr have in common. You can’t just go to the store and buy love. Love is precious so we best work this out…

I heard this song and many like it, many times.  There’s no doubt I was programmed by music and while I’m not thrilled with the idea, understanding this might offer a key.

Do you feel disempowered? Do you feel your life is off-track or messed up?

It’s possible you’re being programmed with messages that create these feelings and I’ll tell you (at least one of the reasons) why it happens: People who feel miserable spend money.  Yep. They go out and buy things.  That’s enough reason right there for marketers to put you and keep you in a miserable state.

If you can understand what I’m saying, you might want to consider what media and/or what messages you’re consuming.  If you’re being led, are you being led somewhere that will ultimately benefit you? Or is it the opposite?

You decide! But I suspect, if you listen to positive, encouraging, fun, happy or hopeful music, it’s good bet you’ll begin to morph into a person with these qualities.

It’s sort of like, “you are what you eat”. You’re also what you see and listen to. With enough repetitions, whatever is put out there becomes your beliefs and you don’t even notice. Once you believe something, it’s very hard to alter it unless it be your will.

Are you aware of being programmed?  How do you feel about the track you’re running on?  Have you made any effort to change your programming?


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