Screenshot from 'The Undoing' of Hugh Grant looking distraught and about to jump off a bridge.

Hugh Grant received his sixth Golden Globe nomination for The Undoing, a harrowing drama series on HBO Max. One tabloid claims the show changed Grant’s life for the worse, and he’s been “distressed” since filming the series. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Hugh Comes Undone!’

According to New Idea, Hugh Grant “has pushed himself too far.” The Notting Hill star “was seen in London recently, where onlookers say he looked ‘distressed.’” Sources say The Undoing “could be behind his downcast demeanor.’

“He pushed himself really far for the series,” a source said, adding “it broke him.” Grant “hasn’t been the same since” and is “a shadow of himself and is shutting himself away ever since the show wrapped.” The article concludes by saying his wife, Anna Eberstein, “has grown concerned for her husband of two years.”

Show Wrapped Years Ago

The Undoing is not Love Island. It didn’t film just days before airing. Kidman and Grant worked on this show back in mid-2019. Either Grant has been “distressed” for multiple years now, or this tabloid is using a random photo of Grant and running wild with speculation.

Same Old Hugh Grant

This tabloid ran another bogus story about The Undoing. A few months ago, it claimed Grant betrayed Nicole Kidman when he complimented Drew Barrymore in an interview. This was an absurd story where Kidman was too vain to allow another person to receive a compliment, and it demonstrates how little New Idea knows about Grant.

That story is a good reminder that Grant hasn’t exactly been a hermit the last few years. He’s been doing loads of press the past few years, so Gossip Cop can safely say The Undoing didn’t cause an irreparable shift in his personality.

Fiction Versus Reality

It’s not uncommon for tabloids to confuse what they see on screen with what’s happening in real life. The National Enquirer used a photo from The Big Lebowski as proof that Jeff Bridges was forgoing chemotherapy, but Bridges posted a photo of himself in treatment. It also claimed Daniel Craig had a drinking problem, but the story seemed to confuse Craig with James Bond.

 In Touch claimed Vanessa Kirby was romantically linked to Tom Cruise, but Kirby herself denied this. The kiss they shared was simply for the Mission: Impossible franchise. New Idea is similarly confused that professional actor Hugh Grant can, well, act. The Undoing hasn’t left him distressed for years, so this story is completely false.

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