Avatar, James Cameron

In James Cameron‘s AVATAR, humans have begun colonizing the planet of Pandora in order to mine unobtanium, but the battle for the planet begins when the expansion threatens the existence of the Na’vi. It’s still too early to dive into the details of the four upcoming AVATAR sequels, but it’s safe to say that humans will still be stirring up shit. We’re the worst.

Production on the live-action portion of the AVATAR sequels resumed earlier this summer after being halted by COVID-19, and producer Jon Landau has been sharing concept art as well as images from the set on Instagram. Well, Landau is back with a new pair of photos featuring human characters continuing to battle on the world of Pandora.

Avatar, sequels, James Cameron

Avatar, James Cameon, sequel

Garrett Warren, 2nd Unit Director, gives stuntman Steve Brown some notes before a take. Garrett, Richard Bluck (2nd Unit DP) and the Kiwi team have been getting some great shots. Keep it up,” reads caption on Instagram.

It’s been over a decade since AVATAR hit theaters, but we’ll have even longer to wait for the sequels as Disney pushed back all of the films by a full year back in July. This found AVATAR 2 moving from December 17, 2021 to December 16, 2022; AVATAR 3 moving from December 22, 2023 to December 20, 2024; AVATAR 4 moving from December 19, 2025 to December 18, 2026; and AVATAR 5 moving from December 27, 2027 to December 22, 2028. Although this is far from the first delay that James Cameron has experienced in regards to the AVATAR films, he penned a letter to give his thoughts on the matter. “There is no one more disappointed about this delay than me,” Cameron wrote. “But I am buoyed by the incredible performances of our cast and the extraordinary work that Weta Digital is doing bringing the world of Pandora and the characters of the film to life.

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