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Get ready to break out a six-pack of Duff and shake your butt while doing the Bartman because Fox has renewed The Simpsons through Season 34. That’s right, folks. The longest-running primetime scripted series in television history is in the midst of creating episodes for the show’s 33rd and 34th seasons, bringing the series to 2023 and a total of 757 episodes!

“My biggest move was in the very beginning when I decided to never uncross my fingers,” said executive producer James L. Brooks.

“Everyone at The Simpsons is thrilled to be renewed once more, and we are planning lots of big surprises. Homer will lose a hair, Milhouse will get contact lenses, and Bart will celebrate his tenth birthday for the thirty-third time,” added The Simpsons creator and executive producer Matt Groening.

In terms of numbers, The Simpsons is averaging 7.0 million viewers across all platforms for its current season, securing a +146% lift from Live+same day. What’s perhaps even more impressive is that, according to DeadlineThe Simpsons’ Season 32 premiere last September was its highest-rated return in five years, most-watched launch in six years, and most-streamed premiere ever on Hulu and Fox Now.

“It’s a sincere pleasure to announce the Season 33 and 34 pick-ups for The Simpsons. We keep hoping that, eventually, they’ll get it right,” joked Charlie Collier, CEO, Fox Entertainment. “Profound respect for and congratulations to Matt, Jim, Al, and the many other wonderful partners working really hard to finally elevate The Tracey Ullman Show. As they say, ‘practice makes perfect.’”

The two-season renewal is the latest doubling down for Fox, who recently renewed Family Guy for Seasons 19 and 20 and Bob’s Burgers for its 12th and 13th season. That’s a lot of animated antics under one label, each with their own degree of staying power and impact on pop culture.

Speaking of milestones, The Simpsons will celebrate its 700th episode Sunday, March 21. Ay, caramba! This show is starting to make me feel as old as Grandpa Simpson. I mean, I do enjoy yelling at clouds, but where has the time gone? I can still remember watching the very first episode of The Simpsons when it aired in May of 1990 when I was only 9-years-old. This old gray mare ain’t what she used to be, I guess.

Congratulations, The Simpsons, you certainly have come a long way.

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