Despite initial reports that the third MCU SPIDER-MAN film wouldn’t begin filming until early next year, it appears that cameras are preparing to roll in New York City as early as next week. 

Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures is reportedly hiding the production under the title “Serenity Now,” with notices having been spotted all around New York City. The notice is asking people in Queens, NY to move their vehicles on Friday, October 16, because a film shoot is expected to begin there. You can check out some of the notices below:

So how is it known that “Serenity Now” might be, in fact, SPIDER-MAN 3? It was announced at the beginning of the year that the working title for SPIDER-MAN 3 would be “Serenity Now’, which is a blatant Seinfeld reference. This isn’t the first time the new Spidey flicks have used Seinfeld for cover. HOMECOMING was labeled “Summer of George,” FAR FROM HOME went by “Fall of George,” and “Serenity Now” completes the trilogy. 

Now, just because SPIDER-MAN 3 could be starting filming next week in New York City doesn’t mean that Tom Holland and the rest of the principal cast will be in attendance. This might be second unit work, picking up additional shots of New York City for the movie, seeing as SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME ended on quite a cliffhanger in the city that never sleeps. In all honesty, this could involve shooting that doesn’t require the main actors or even director Jon Watts to be on location but it’s promising that the film is gearing up to begin production. 

Hardly anything is yet known about the plot of SPIDER-MAN 3, but we do know that Tom Holland will be back as Peter Parker, AKA Spider-Man, and he’ll be joined by Zendaya as MJ, Jacob Batalon as Peter’s best friend and confidante Ned, and Marisa Tomei as Aunt May. One shocking thing we know about the new film is that Jamie Foxx is reprising his role as Electro from THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2, a casting update that had fans in quite the tizzy. Foxx confirmed the news in a since-deleted Instagram post that read “can’t wait for y’all to check this new one. And I won’t be blue in this one. But a thousand percent badass!!! #swipeleft.” Even though Foxx deleted the post, the internet is very fast, and made sure to save it for all of us to see so you can check out an image of the post below from a fan’s Twitter page:

So what do YOU guys think? Is “Serenity Now” the start of production on SPIDER-MAN 3?

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