Kim Kardashian wears a flesh tone dress as she walks down a NYC street

Is Kim Kardashian posting sexy bikini photos to Instagram in a last-ditch effort to win back Kanye West’s affections after she filed to divorce the rapper in February? A British tabloid claims this week that the reality star knows her estranged husband hates it when she flaunts her body for the world to see, and she’s trying to use that to get West to call off the divorce. Gossip Cop looks into the rumor.

Kim Kardashian Resorting To Thirst Traps To Lure Kanye West Back?

The Sun reports that Kim Kardashian has an ulterior motive for posting sexy photos of herself to Instagram. Despite filing for divorce from Kanye West in February, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is supposedly still holding out hope that her estranged husband would come back to her. The tabloid insists that divorce wasn’t Kardashian’s first choice and that she’d filed more to shock him into caring more about their marriage than because she was actually done with him. 

A source tells the outlet that the alleged plan didn’t work out the way Kardashian had imagined when West “basically rolled his eyes” over the news. So the reality star supposedly came up with something new. In a desperate move to win back West’s attention, Kardashian began posting sexy pictures of herself decked out in itsy-bitsy bikinis. 

“As always Kim looks amazing and has been posting many beautiful shots on social media to get his attention,” the source continues, “but it’s had no effect.” Kardashian is apparently finally realizing “it doesn’t matter what she says, or how beautiful she is, or what an incredible mother she is, Kanye isn’t willing to change and her plan has definitely failed.” Was there even a “plan” in the first place? Gossip Cop’s not so sure. 

The tabloid acts as if it’s a totally new thing for Kim Kardashian to show off some skin on Instagram, when it’s actually a huge part of her brand and always has been. Being provocative and seductive on the social media platform did cause some fights with West while the two were still together, but it’s quite the illogical leap to assume that she’s doing so again in a not-very-well thought out scheme to get the rapper back. Besides, Kardashian was the one to take the final step and file for divorce, a step she clearly didn’t take lightly. There’s very little chance she would play games like this, especially since there are children involved.

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