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Is rapper Young M.A. pregnant? A gossip blog claimed the famously gay rapper is expecting a baby…with a man. Gossip Cop looked into the report and can set the record straight. 

‘Proud Gay Stud’ Young M.A. Pregnant ‘By A MAN’?

“Twitter Claims Female Rapper Young Ma: A Proud Gay Stud – Pregnant By A MAN!!” screamed the headline out of MediaTakeOut. The notorious gossip site had scant evidence to prove that Young M.A. is pregnant with her first child, but that didn’t stop the outrageous gossipmonger from pushing the rumor. The allegations first began going viral on Twitter, with some users speculating that the reason Young M.A. had been absent from the public eye in recent months was because she was trying to hide a pregnancy. 

MTO News made sure to note that the rapper had reportedly checked into rehab, which is a reference to a since-deleted Instagram post where the “OOOUUU” singer wrote, “Bouta lose this addiction…omw to rehab.” The rapper had previously denied doing drugs during an Instagram Live video where she chastised her followers for making drug references in the chat. The outlet bizarrely stressed that Young M.A., who is a lesbian, was supposedly impregnated by a man, which is typically how most pregnancies begin. 

Rapper’s Rep Refutes Rumor

According to the site, the rumors began overnight and were started by a person who claimed to see the rapper sporting what appeared to be “a rather large baby bump.” The site went on to include several tweets of people expressing their surprise over the rumor as if it was evidence of the supposed rumor. In a truly bizarre twist, the gossip blog reached out to Young M.A.’s rep about the rumor and was told it was “100% false.” The site went on to totally dismiss that statement with the excuse that celebrities sometimes deny true rumors. 

Then, hilariously, it further doubled down on its claim and insisted that Twitter still thought the rumor was true. Until Young M.A. finished her alleged stay in rehab and showed the world once and for all whether or not she was pregnant, the gossip site wouldn’t be able to “100%” refute the rumor. 

Too bad the rapper has already hinted that she’s well aware of the rumor and seemingly addressed it on the same social media site where it first went viral. Early in the morning, Young M.A. tweeted, “I turn opinions into financial positions… I turn fake rumors into great humor..” followed by a smirking emoji and a heart emoji. 

This isn’t the first time that the rapper has been at the center of a strange rumor. She addressed a rumor earlier this year that she’d been shot and also denied it with good humor. It seems like she’s keeping the same attitude with this latest rumor, which is always good to see. With rumors like these following her around, a sense of humor probably comes in handy.

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