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Michael Bay is like chocolate: you know it isn’t good for you but damn if it ain’t delicious. Meanwhile, Jake Gyllenhaal is like peanut butter: smooth and works with just about anything. Then, if you smack them together, damn do you have a fine combination! Well, guess what? It’s finally happening. Michael Bay is fast-tracking his next project, the action thriller AMBULANCE, and Gyllenhaal is currently in negotiations to star.

Aiming to shoot at the start of 2021, Bay has reportedly met with multiple actors to join Gyllenhaal in the flick which looks likely to end up at Universal Pictures. No details are currently known but sources claim the movie will be reminiscent of 90s action flicks like SPEED and BAD BOYS.

The script comes from James Vanderbilt and Chris Fedak and will be produced by Bradley Fischer and Will Sherak. It will remain to be seen how a production of this size can be accomplished while still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, but if the sheer amount of fire Bay is likely to create is any indication, he may kill the virus purely with heat.

Both Bay and Gyllenhaal are working harder than ever these days. Bay’s most recent film was 6 UNDERGROUND for Netflix and he produced the upcoming SONGBIRD, the first film made entirely during the pandemic. He is also developing BLACK 5 at Sony. Meanwhile, Gyllenhaal is reuniting with SOUTHPAW helmer Antoine Fuqua for THE GUILTY as well as PRISONERS director Denis Villeneuve on the HBO series The Son. Oh and he also got a Tony nomination. These guys are beasts!

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