Halloween, Jamie Lee Curtis

Anthony Woodle was a huge fan of Halloween, not just of the horror franchise, but of the holiday itself. Together with his fiancee Emilee Stickel, Woodle would go all out in decorating their North Charleston home for Halloween, even setting up an open coffin for food donations that he would deliver to the local food bank. Unfortunately, Woodle was also diagnosed with stage IV esophageal cancer last year and passed away this September, but not before Jamie Lee Curtis officiated their wedding.

Anthony Woodle was the general manager at the Terrace Theater, and when owner Paul Brown learned that Anthony’s condition had worsened, he got in touch with HALLOWEEN director David Gordon Green to see if a private screening of HALLOWEEN KILLS could be arranged, which Green was only too happy to do. “That was the most I’ve seen him smile — during and after the movie,” Emilee told the Post and Courier. As if getting to see the next installment of the HALLOWEEN franchise wasn’t a big enough thrill, Anthony received a voicemail from Jamie Lee Curtis herself that same day.

He called back, and they chatted about the movie, about his health, about his love. She told him she would send a gift package. (It contained a signed “Halloween Kills” knife and a clasped-hands sculpture.) He told her they planned to get married soon. She said she officiates at weddings, then offered her services.

Arrangements were made for a wedding ceremony on September 13th, but on the day, Anthony took a turn for the worse and lost consciousness. With Jamie Lee Curtis on the phone and Anthony’s family and Emilee by his side, the ceremony began. “Anthony and Emilee, all anyone is promised is this moment,” Curtis said. “We live and we love in this moment. May the blessings of God rest upon you, may his peace abide with you, may her spirit illuminate your heart now, in this moment. With the power vested in me by the internet, it is my great pleasure to tell you that you are now married people.” Less than an hour later, Anthony Woodle died at the age of 29. The next day, Emilee called Curtis to tell her of Anthony’s passing, and the pair have remained in touch in the months since. My heart goes out to Emilee and Anthony’s friends and family, but it’s lovely to know that Jamie Lee Curtis and David Gordon Green played a part in making a heart-breaking experience a little sweeter for the HALLOWEEN superfan.

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