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Is Tom Holland‘s jealousy driving Zendaya away? That’s what one tabloid’s reporting this week. Gossip Cop investigates the rumor.

Tom Holland’s ‘Jealous Jag’ Upsetting Zendaya?

According to this week’s edition of the National Enquirer, it’s trouble in paradise for newly-confirmed couple Tom Holland and Zendaya. The Spider-Man: Homecoming co-stars broke the internet recently when pictures surfaced of the couple smooching while caught in traffic. The tabloid insists that Zendaya is head-over-heels for Holland, but Holland is reportedly worried Zendaya will be swept off her feet by her other male co-stars.

The source insists that Holland is especially concerned by her Euphoria co-star, Jacob Elordi, who fans have speculated Zendaya dated in the past, and her Dune “sidekick” Timothée Chalamet. The tabloid’s source explains, “He has major issues over her connection with Jacob, even though she swears it’s platonic and Tom has nothing to worry about, and he was also pretty paranoid when she got close to Timothée,” adding, “Zendaya likes to get her flirt on — but Tom is the one she wants!” The outlet then muses that Holland and Zendaya have secretly been an item for years, although their recent PDA finally confirmed it.

Zendaya ‘Jostled’ By Tom Holland’s Insecurity?

So, is it true Zendaya is getting fed up with Holland’s jealous tendencies? Here’s the thing: No one is even certain that they are a couple. After years of fans speculating they’re an item, it seems like the vindication they’ve long been waiting for has finally arrived. But both actors, very private in their relationships, have been connected to other people over the years. It’s a bit premature to be insinuating drama when so little is actually known about their relationship.

Zendaya has been connected to plenty of other romantic partners in the past few years, although she’s denied them all. And Holland himself was romantically linked to actress Nadia Parkes just last year before they reportedly called it off. Whatever the nature of Holland and Zendaya’s relationship, it’s clear they haven’t been in a steady romance for multiple years as the tabloid claims.

Furthermore, both Holland and Zendaya are professional actors that are fully capable of separating reality from fiction. Even if they are together in a fully committed and exclusive relationship, there’s nothing to suggest Holland is paranoid about Zendaya getting too close to her co-stars.

This is far from the first story we’ve covered about actors supposedly cozying up to their co-stars despite being in relationships. Last year, the National Enquirer alleged Kit Harington was worrying his wife by getting too close to his Eternals co-star Angelina Jolie. Then, Woman’s Day claimed George Clooney and Julia Roberts were “getting cozy” behind their spouses’ backs. And more recently, OK! reported Olivia Wilde was upset Harry Style was “canoodling” with his co-star. Obviously, this is a common trope for the tabloids.

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