Jennifer Aniston looking off the left standing with Brad Pitt with a full beard and sunglasses, years ago.

Gossip Cop is looking back at a story from last year that claimed Jennifer Aniston gave up alcohol to win back Brad Pitt. Let’s dish out the real scoop.

Aniston and Pitt Aren’t Together

Ever since Aniston split from Justin Theroux in 2017, the tabloids have flocked to purport she is keen on reuniting with Pitt. And after they momentarily greeted each other with a hug at the SAG Awards in early 2020, the rumor was gassed into overdrive. One year ago, NW took the opportunity to suggest Aniston was so dedicated to her and Pitt’s rekindled relationship that she had to seriously rethink her drinking habits. “Pretty much everything fell naturally back into place when they got back together, except for the sobriety part,” an unnamed source tattled to the outlet. They further claimed, “Jen and Brad were a huge wine-loving couple when they were together. But Aniston had no problem ditching her evening wine for Brad because she’s hoping to get pregnant.” Well, that escalated rather quickly!

“Having a child with Brad is a big priority, but being happy with Brad is even bigger – she knows what this means to him.” This quote was added despite Aniston herself admitting to Elle in 2019 that she wasn’t necessarily sure motherhood was for her. This tabloid isn’t exactly known for thorough fact-checking, so Gossip Cop isn’t surprised the outlet threw this in the story for extra flare.

The Sensational Saga

Amongst the imaginary saga of their relationship, this is a fairly repeated theme, although it holds absolutely no truth because this infamous couple isn’t back together. Gossip Cop has only debunked this narrative about four hundred times prior, including the time Globe also purported Aniston was being forced to choose between Pitt or booze. Aniston’s spokesperson straight-up confirmed the story was false, saying this notion was nonsense because they are just friends and not romantically involved.

NW published a different article alleging that Pitt and Aniston were adopting a baby sister for Shiloh with zero explanation as to why and also suggested the non-existent couple was ready to come clean about their relationship in a tell-all interview. Though, these stories barely tip the iceberg of ridiculousness the major Hollywood stars unwillingly stir. Other tabloids have created every imaginable rumor about the two, from traveling to Italy for a babymoon to making a movie about their failed relationship to buying a private Australian island together. Gossip Cop gives these outlets props for their vivid imaginations but reiterates these stories are nothing more than that – imaginary.

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