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Jennifer Lawrence has been relatively out of the spotlight since getting married to Cooke Maroney in 2019. However, the duo couldn’t escape one rumor that follows many recently wedded young celebrity couples around. Last year, a tabloid claimed the J. Law was about to become J. Ma, with the supposed appearance of a baby bump. Gossip Cop is investigating the story.

Will J. Law Soon Become J. Ma?

Lawrence was spotted walking around New York City last June wearing a tight dress with a slight bulge clearly visible from the photograph. Woman’s Day indicated then that the Hunger Games actress must have been pregnant. Using a secret source, the magazine tried to have its story corroborated. “There’s no doubt she’s got her dream baby on board. She’s wanted kids ever since she drooled over Amy’s [Schumer] baby — and she wants a boy, too,” the insider spilled. 

Apparently, the couple had been trying to get pregnant since “they got married in October, but COVID-19 has given her the perfect opportunity to properly nest with Cooke,” becoming sober and “very health-conscious” during her pregnancy. “It would be just like Jen to do something like this. She’s been baby-mad for a very long time, and what better gift to give her and Cooke – a family!” the source concluded.

Is Jennifer Lawrence Pregnant? 

The outlet reported that Lawrence was supposed to deliver her baby by Christmas 2020. Obviously, that did not happen. When Joe Biden was announced to be the next President of the United States, a very not-pregnant Lawrence was filmed running and screaming down the street in celebration. At that point, she should have been close to nine months along and would not have been able to skip down the New York City sidewalk. 

What occurred with this story happens a lot to actresses who get the occasional bad photo taken of them.  Lawrence was rocking a slight bump in a tight dress when an unflattering photo was taken of her. Unless she or her camp breaks the news themselves, these kinds of stories can be dangerous. She could have been pregnant this time a year ago but then lost the baby for medical reasons. She could have gained a bit of weight during quarantine as many people did. At the end of the day, running these types of stories promotes sexism and body shaming. 

This is not the first time Woman’s Day ran such an article about the American Hustle star being pregnant. Two months prior to the publication of this story, the outlet claimed Lawrence was pregnant with a little boy and even revealed the news to close friends at a dinner party. Gossip Cop busted the story by pointing out no one was having birthday dinner parties during the pandemic, and with no baby for the couple, we were right. 

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