John Cena has already dabbled in the word of the DCEU playing Peacemaker in The Suicide Squad and an upcoming HBO Max series, but the wrestler turned actor says he’s open to joining the MCU in the role of Ben Grimm, aka The Thing, in the MCU Fantastic Four reboot.

Cena was doing a Q&A with “Esquire” and he was asked if he would consider playing The Thing in the Fantastic Four reboot if he was approached. Here is what Cena had to say:

“I would consider most any-thing. I think keeping yourself open to options and different perspectives is a good way to go about life. This would simply be a thing that I would consider, because I like to keep my perspective open to new things.”

Cena is clearly having a little fun by emphasizing the word “thing” in his answer but this is honestly some potential casting I could get behind. Cena is clearly built for the role already, which is about half the battle, and he has proven to be a likable and charming performer as he secures more roles. I used to think of him as second to Dwayne Johnson and now I view Cena completely in his own lane. Not sure where the fans stand on this, but I think he’s definitely someone that should be considered.

Previously, Michael Chiklis played the role in a pair of Fantastic Four movies in 2005 and 2007. Jamie Bell went on to take over the part in 2015’s ill-fated Fantastic Four reboot. With Marvel having already announced bringing the Fantastic Four into the MCU with Jon Watts directing the project, everyone will be looking at what casting decisions will be made. The film is currently set to people the final movie of MCU’s Phase Four, coming out after the releases of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 in 2023. Plenty of time to mull over the possibilities.

Do YOU think John Cena would be a good choice to play The Thing in the MCU Fantastic Four reboot?

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