TENET has been open since September 3 and while it has faced a bit of an uphill battle at the U.S. box office due to theaters being open at limited capacity and, in some markets, not being open at all, the $200 million film has done solid business overseas and has topped $250 million worldwide. Those kinds of numbers could warrant some sequel talk and the film’s star, John David Washington, is hopeful that we’ll all got to explore the TENET universe once again.

In a new interview with “Esquire“, John David Washington talked about his experience making TENET and working with director Christopher Nolan. There has been some fan speculation that a sequel could be possible based on what they have seen and this speculation about a potential part 2 is what Washington would like to explore:

“In my mind, that’s a yes! We will be doing this again, we’ll see you in a couple of years. In reality, I don’t know. Chris does what he wants. Maybe he has something that he’s developed for years that he wants to do next, maybe he’s been inspired by something else he sees and wants to do that, I don’t know. I hope we get to do it again, I hope we get to explore more, because I think we found something really unique.”

I have yet to see TENET but from talking to people that have, they believe there is a possibility for a sequel that could be explored. At the end of the day, this would all come down to Christopher Nolan. I’m sure a creative mind such as his has a lot of ideas cooking up in his brain and a sequel to TENET may not be on the menu next. That being said, this is a world he created and it’s his own original idea so he may like the idea of exploring the world further in a future film.

TENET has had a bit of a rough go of it in the States with a current running total of $36.1 million after three weeks of release. This is more than likely due to the pandemic and how it has turned moviegoing upside down but some social media chatter also suggests that the film just isn’t for everyone and isn’t exactly the event film that was necessary to get people back to the movies. I know people that have LOVED TENET and then I know others who thought it was confusing, entirely too long, and a tad self-indulgent. This kind of mixed word of mouth could be preventing it from doing a tad better domestically and that has to make you wonder if Warner Bros. and the general moviegoing public will think it’s worth it to explore more of this story in a sequel.

Would YOU like to see a sequel to TENET? 

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