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Is John Travolta planning to take a step back from the controversial Church of Scientology? That’s what one tabloid was reporting this time last year. Gossip Cop is taking another look at the rumor.

John Travolta Losing Faith In Scientology?

Twelve months ago, In Touch reported John Travolta’s faith in the controversial Church of Scientology was shaken after his wife’s tragic death. Around this time last year, Travolta lost his wife, Kelly Preston, to breast cancer after a two-year long fight. The tabloid reported that Travolta, in his grief, was questioning his dedication to Scientology and possibly considering breaking away. While the tabloid purported Travolta was trying to “stay strong for his kids as he reels from the death of his wife,” it insisted this trying time could turn him away from the religion.

The tabloid’s source attested that the church wouldn’t be keen to lose a high-profile member like Travolta. According to the tabloid’s insider, the church may have been “afraid that John is having second thoughts about Scientology. They want to keep him in their clutches.” Then the outlet heard from another source supposedly close to Travolta, saying, “He’s going to be stepping away from everything for a while,” adding that his children were his primary focus.

John Travolta Turning Away From Scientology?

So, is it true Travolta, shaken by his wife’s passing, had decided to make his exit from the Church of Scientology? Not at all. The entire story was baseless and shameful. It’s true Travolta stepped back from things to focus on his kids, but that’s not an outrageous conclusion to draw about a grieving husband and father. Travolta said as much in his tribute to Preston on Instagram, insisting he would be taking some time to focus on his family.

But that’s where the tabloid’s accuracy ends. The outlet then extensively speculated about Travolta’s relationship to the Church of Scientology, insisting this could mean major things for the religion. But this was far from the first time Travolta has faced grief. When Travolta and Preston’s 16 year old son passed away in 2009, the couple remained staunch supporters of Scientology. Knowing this detail, it’s unclear why Travolta would be turning away from the religion now. The outlet clearly used Travolta’s tragedy to speculate about his controversial religion and sell some magazines.

In the year since this shameful report was published, no other credible reports of Travolta’s dissent have followed. But what has followed are similarly incoherent stories from In Touch, insisting Travolta is breaking away from Scientology. Earlier this year, the magazine alleged Travolta was “breaking free” from the religion, still citing Preston’s passing as his reason for leaving. Then, the tabloid tried again, insisting Travolta planned to “tell all” about Scientology. Obviously, the outlet has no real insight into Travolta’s personal life.

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