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Judy Greer’s Karen Strode spent most of the 2018 Halloween trying to distance herself from her mother Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis), who she believed was living in the trauma of her past that took place on the dreadful Halloween night when Michael Myers wreaked havoc on Haddonfield. Greer was pretty much a typical slasher movie victim until the final moments of the film when it became clear that all the things that her mother taught her to protect herself, did not go unnoticed. Greer’s rifle-wielding time to shine near the end of the film was a true crowd-pleaser and the actress reveals there will be more of those moments in HALLOWEEN KILLS although that signature critical shot wasn’t part of the original shoot.

Greer took a brief moment to talk with “Too Fab” and while she does love that she got to bring it during that sequence, she admits that her character wasn’t really much of a badass in the original script:

“I didn’t even know she was such a badass, that was a reshoot. I was like, ‘Uh, love this!'”

Greer says she certainly enjoyed that arc for her character just as much as the audience did and when asked if we would see more of this version of Karen in the sequel, the actress enthusiastically confirmed, “Yeah, of course!” This is encouraging to hear because I happen to really like Judy Greer but it took me a while to warm up to her character in Halloween Kills. I get that’s how she was written but there were times when I felt like as these horrible things began to happen, she should’ve accepted what was going on sooner and began to take proper action. Her acceptance of the situation by the end of the film when she tricks Michael by playing the victim before revealing she’s luring him into a trap is exactly what I wanted from the character and it’s encouraging that we will see more of this in the next film.

Halloween Kills was originally slated to open in October of this year but the COVID-19 was just about the only thing that could scare Michael Myers away from invading theaters in time for Halloween 2020. The film is now slated to hit screens on October 15, 2021, and judging from what director David Gordon Green has said, along with leading lady Jamie Lee Curtis, Halloween Kills will feature a town on the hunt for Michael Myers and it’s just as much their story as it is Laurie’s. The wrap up of this Halloween trilogy will conclude with Halloween Ends on October 14, 2022, and we will see then exactly how the battle ends between Michael, Laurie, and all of Haddonfield. 

Are YOU looking forward to seeing Judy Greer’s Karen being stronger in the next film?

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