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Last year, a tabloid claimed Julia Roberts was caught kissing a man who wasn’t her husband, Danny Moder. Gossip Cop wasted no time in investigating the report at the time. Here’s a look back at what we found.

Last February, the National Enquirer ran the headline “Julia Plants Juicy One On Another Guy!” for its article. According to the tabloid, the “love-hungry” Roberts was caught kissing “hunky millionaire restaurateur Bruce Bozzi” after an Oscars event — which, the magazine alleged, was “another blow” Roberts’ rocky marriage to Moder. An insider added the smooch occurred “right under” Moder’s nose.

The paper contended Roberts and Moder had just recovered from “a year of ugly fights and confrontations that put the couple on the brink of a $200 million divorce.” But, the outlet wrote, Moder was immediately angered when he saw his wife “openly smooching” Bozzi. “It may have been innocent, but given the rocky road they’re on, it’s no wonder Danny was furious. For her to act this flirty with another man when everybody knows they’ve been having problems was like a slap in the face to Danny,” a shady source told the magazine.

The outlet referenced previous reports about Roberts and Moder’s marriage being in peril and claimed the inappropriate moment between Roberts and Bozzi followed the actress “blowing a wet kiss” to her single co-star, Brad Pitt, on Instagram. The magazine’s source added that “Danny continued to feel like he’s on the outside looking in, in this marriage. They’ve tried couples therapy, you name it — but nothing’s worked. This latest episode might just be the straw that breaks the camel’s back!”

Gossip Cop, however, clarified the report was false because the tabloid forgot one glaring issue. Bruce Bozzi is openly gay and happily married to Byron Lourd. The magazine also exaggerated the exchange between Bozzi and Julia Roberts. The two were simply kissing each other on the cheek AND we found other photos where Danny Moder was seen with the two, not angry in the least.

Simply put, Roberts wasn’t making out with some other man behind her husband’s back as the magazine would have you believe. Years ago, Roberts revealed to ET that the secret to her long-lasting marriage to Moder is “a lot of kissing.” The only person the actress is trying to seriously lock lips with is in fact her husband.

This was hardly the first bogus report we’ve debunked from the Enquirer about Julia Roberts. For instance, this month, we busted the paper for claiming Roberts was losing sleep over Emma Roberts’ pregnancy. Before that, the paper was exposed by us for alleging Roberts was quitting Hollywood to supposedly become the next Erin Brockovich. She hasn’t quit yet, thankfully.

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