I don’t usually think about the moment that Jupiter turns retrograde but this year is special. When Jupiter in Pisces reverses course at 11:04 am Eastern time on June 20th, it will be part of Grand Trine involving the sun and the moon.

Jupiter is at home in Pisces.  The sun will be in Gemini at 29 degrees. The moon will be in Scorpio at 2 degrees.  I don’t know!  But this seems to describe a moment of enlightenment.  Mental and emotional doors open, allowing us an glimpse of something not usually accessible.

This reminds me of the Great American Eclipse of 2017.  I live in region where it was visible and I think about that day a lot.  There are certain things you witness that stay with you.

I think this point in time is like that though I admit it may act like some kind of cosmic dog whistle. If you’re not spiritually attuned; the type to look to the horizon for some kind of nuance, it may pass you by. But if you are like this type, I’d mark Sunday, June 20th on your calendar.  You just might see something special.



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