Justice League, investigation

Earlier this year, JUSTICE LEAGUE star Ray Fisher took to Twitter to allege that production on the reshoots of Justice League had been rife with misconduct and specifically singled out director Joss Whedon as well as producers Geoff Johns and Jon Berg. There’s been a bit of a back and forth over what exactly is being done, but as of today, WarnerMedia has announced that the investigation has been concluded.

WarnerMedia’s investigation into the ‘Justice League’ movie has concluded and remedial action has been taken,” reads a statement from the company, but it’s not exactly clear at the moment what that “remedial action” was, but Joss Whedon did recently step down from his upcoming HBO series The Nevers. Ray Fisher responded on Twitter.

It remains to be seen what the investigation uncovered, but it was obviously enough that WarnerMedia had to take action. As Fisher mentioned, we may see more of this “remedial action” take effect in the near future, so I doubt we’ve heard the last word on this. We’ll keep you updated.

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