Kate Mara, Iron Man 2

If it’s been a while since you last watched IRON MAN 2, you might have forgotten that Kate Mara (FANTASTIC FOUR) had a brief cameo as a U.S. Marshall who serves Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) with a subpoena to appear before a government committee. It wasn’t anything more than a cameo, but while speaking in an upcoming episode of Collider Ladies Night, Mara revealed that it was hinted that the role could develop into something bigger.

I had a meeting with Jon Favreau for that and they had said to me, ‘It’s a very, very small part, but it’s with Robert Downey and Jon, and it’ll be really fun. And a lot of times they bring these characters back into bigger more substantial roles.’ It wasn’t a promise, but it was definitely something that was hinted at to me. So that’s the reason why I even took the meeting was because I thought, ‘Well, if there’s a chance of it, why not spend an evening working with Robert Downey Jr. and Jon Favreau? Great. I love them both. They’re amazing. It’ll be a good experience.’ And that’s exactly what it ended up being.

It ended up being nothing more than that, but it really was fun,” Mara continued. “And we were shooting until like four in the morning. But yeah, it’s a weird cameo that turned into really nothing. But I don’t mind!” Definitely doesn’t sound as though there are any hard feelings on Mara’s part, but as the Marvel Cinematic Universe is constantly expanding in the form of new movies and TV shows, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Mara could be called upon to rejoin the MCU once again. Kate Mara can currently be seen starring in A Teacher as Claire Wilson, a popular English teacher who has an affair with an 18-year-old student played by Nick Robinson. The Hulu miniseries explores the complexities and consequences of their forbidden romance. The first four episodes are now streaming on Hulu, with the next dropping on November 24th.

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