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Are both Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle expecting? This time last year, one tabloid claimed there were two royal babies on the way. We’re taking another look at the rumor.

Kate Middleton And Meghan Markle Expecting ‘Two Baby Girls’?

One year ago, In Touch reported both Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton had babies on the way, adding another point of tension to their relationship. Apparently, at the time, Markle had recently found out she was pregnant and heard that Middleton was expecting as well. Markle then reached out to Middleton hoping to patch things up between their families. One source claimed Markle “got so emotional when she heard Kate was also having a girl that she called to congratulate her and broke down in tears.”

But apparently, their truce was short-lived. An insider explained that things “went downhill — fast. They started arguing over who would get to name their little girl Diana.” It seemed like both expectant mothers wanted to honor their late mother-in-law by naming their daughter after her.

But the outlet also claimed Markle and Middleton began arguing over what nursery theme was best. While the Sussexes allegedly wanted an eco-friendly African-themed room, Middleton “doesn’t particularly care if her nursery has the latest technology and luxury pieces. She has old-fashioned tastes and likes to keep it traditional and simple.” Finally, the source mused that Amal Clooney was planning to throw Markle a $1 million baby shower.

Meghan Markle And Kate Middleton Feuding Over Pregnancies?

Now that a year has passed, we can say for sure that this report was totally bogus. While the tabloid may have predicted Markle’s pregnancy by complete chance, Middleton wasn’t expecting at the time, and no pregnancy has been announced for the Duchess of Cambridge in the time since. And while Markle may have chosen her daughter’s middle name to honor Princess Diana, she ultimately honored the queen by choosing Lilibet as her first name.

There were other strange aspects of the article like the high-tech nursery and $1 million celebrity baby shower, but those details just go to show that the tabloid was trying to paint Markle as tacky and money-obsessed and Middleton as classy and traditional. Markle may have been pregnant, but she certainly didn’t throw the world’s largest baby shower. In fact, Markle has maintained a low-key presence and didn’t even announce her daughter’s birth until days after she arrived. Time has proven just how misguided this story was.

The Tabloid On Kate Middleton

This isn’t the first time In Touch has been completely wrong about the Duchess of Cambridge. Last year, the tabloid reported Middleton was expecting twins. Then the magazine claimed Middleton’s health was in crisis. The publication even alleged Middleton was skipping over Camilla Parker Bowles in the line of succession. Clearly, In Touch has no insight into Middleton’s life.

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