Katie Holmes in a reveling black dress at a NYFW event

Katie Holmes, making headlines for showing off both her abs and her stretch marks in a cut-out dress at NYFW, was looking flawless as usual in an Instagram image shared just ahead of her Big Apple outing.

The 42-year-old actress and ex to Mission Impossible star Tom Cruise was all “good looks and carefree vibes” in rooftop snaps, ones posted for her 2.3 million followers and seeing her stunning the camera while braless.

Katie Holmes Shares Stunning Rooftop Snap

Holmes’ opening shot was a black-and-white one affording retro ’90s vibes. The Dawson’s Creek sweetheart, posing with a sideways gaze and from a rooftop affording typical NYC views, looked gorgeous in a stringy and low-cut black dress, one with a banded stomach detail, spaghetti straps, plus a peep-hole flashing her toned abs.

The mom of one was then seen in color and smoldering as she sent the camera a direct gaze and had her hair blowing around her face. Marking her love of NYC, the brunette also shared a caught-off-guard street shot as she crossed a road at night and while in a black coat. More photos after the snap.

Opening Up On Self-Care

Holmes, who continues to set fashion trends and proves a paparazzi favorite as she and daughter Suri Cruise are photographed around NYC, has been opening up on protecting herself and caring for herself.

“I used to put a lot of pressure on [myself, like] ‘oh I’ve got to work out five times this week,’” she stated in 2019, per Shape. “Now I think ‘you know what? I’m actually going to put this in the category of self-care, and I should enjoy it and look at it like that because I don’t have to put the pressure [on me],” she added.

Holmes also touched on the concept of discovery – and when it’s least expected, continuing:

“The days that I don’t feel like going to work out, usually those are the days that I grow the most or discover something that I never thought I would,” she said. “If I’m stressed about something, [running] just immediately clears that and I can think more clearly.”

Getting Her #Ad On

Holmes returned to Instagram after her rooftop shots with a stunning blue dress look as she attended a Kate Spade event and said it was “lovely to be surrounded by joy at this beautiful apple orchard.” The #ad confirmed the star’s endorsement potential.

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