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Is Keanu Reeves tying the knot? One report says that the beloved John Wick actor is getting married to longtime partner Alexandra Grant. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Wedding Bells For Keanu!’

According to Woman’s Day, Keanu Reeves is ready to get married to Grant. A source says, “They were enjoying a lovely little dinner when Keanu popped the question over champagne.” Friends add that the wedding planning is off to a running start. A source reveals, “The ceremony will likely take place in front of a small group of close friends and family members in an intimate outdoor location in Malibu.” 

The wedding is planned to coincide with Grant’s birthday party in early April. An insider explains, “He’s going to rent a mansion right on the ocean… there will be an announcement that the party is doubling as a wedding.” The article concludes with an insider saying that after so much heartbreak, Reeves has finally found “this wonderful woman to share his life with.

Is Keanu Reeves Getting Married?

How could friends know what the wedding plans are if Reeves is keeping the announcement a surprise? Why would real friends ever talk to a tabloid? Why would Reeves rush through this major life event to hit an arbitrary deadline? This story just doesn’t add up.

Tabloids share stories all the time in an attempt to sound more authoritative than they actually are. Just last week, Gossip Cop debunked OK! for publishing literally the exact same story. The quotes from so-called “insiders ”are identical, which really shows that these aren’t insiders at all. The tabloid should know better than to give such a specific wedding date, as it will soon come to pass without a wedding in tow.

Too Many Weddings

The original story was easy to debunk because it was at least the fourth time OK! had predicted a Reeves wedding. Gossip Cop has busted more Reeves wedding stories than you could shake a stick at. This story is just making the rounds because Reeves and Grant were spotted together in LA, but you don’t have to propose every time you go out for dinner. A rep for Reeves denies that the two are getting married.

Woman’s Day has repeatedly proven that it has no insight into Reeves’ personal life. Last April, it claimed that Reeves and Grant were engaged. A few years earlier, it reported that Reeves had found the one in Halle Berry, but they never even dated. Angelina Jolie was supposedly trying to get Reeves to join Eternals so she could date him.

Keanu Reeves is not in that film, and Jolie doesn’t need to get him cast in anything to ask him on a date. For years now, the tabloid has invented weddings and relationships for Reeves. He and Grant are still dating, but April will pass with no wedding.

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