Kelly Clarkson in a black dress with ex-husband Brandon Blackstock in a black suit

Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock’s messy divorce may soon be coming to an end. One report says Clarkson is relishing an opportunity to exact revenge: evicting Blackstock from their Montana ranch. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Last Rodeo For Bitter Brandon’

Clarkson recently earned a major legal victory over Blackstock when a judge decided to uphold their prenuptial agreement. The National Enquirer reports that Clarkson is now kicking Blackstock off their Montana ranch. A source explains that Clarkson “says Brandon bet the ranch — and lost!”

Blackstock said he wanted to retire to ranching after Clarkson dropped him as manager. With his final client, Blake Shelton, dropping him as well, there was little else for Blackstock to do but sue Clarkson for all he could get his hands on. 

A source explains, “He was convinced he’d have the prenup thrown out, but he miscalculated badly. Now Kelly not only has sole control of the ranch, her intention is to sell it and send Brandon packing!” Blackstock had been hoping to live large on Clarkson’s dime, but that dream is out the window. A source concludes, “He needs to find his own place to live — and Kelly is happy she’s finally getting some payback!”

Is Blake Shelton Even Relevant?

This story is built on a previous Enquirer that we already busted. That story claimed Blake Shelton had dropped Brandon Blackstock as his manager in a show of allegiance to Clarkson. In reality, he’s just being managed by Blackstock’s father at the same firm. Blackstock’s ranch-based aspirations have nothing to do with Shelton whatsoever, and The Voice star is only mentioned to bolster this story’s star power.

This story is mostly true since it’s entirely adapted from a weeks-old TMZ story. The prenup ensured that Clarkson has possession of the ranch and she does plan to sell it, although Blackstock is still living there. This sadly means there will be more drama for the American Idol winner since she may have to go to court to get Blackstock to leave. One can easily imagine Clarkson is relishing the chance to evict her ex, but that’s purely speculative on the part of the tabloid.

Other Tall Tales

Gossip Cop must stress that this story is only true because the Enquirer followed other outlets’ research, not because it has any real insight into Clarkson’s life. It previously claimed that Blackstock wanted her Voice earnings, but he’s never made any such grab. It also called her boozy and out of control, which is completely false.

This story is most similar to a March article in sister outlet Life & Style. Both stories portray Clarkson as vengeful and spiteful even though she’s just fighting for herself and her kids. It’s easy to imagine why Clarkson is selling her ranch, but there’s no evidence that she’s going to all this trouble just to stick it to her ex.

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