brian baumgartner kevin malone the office cameo $1 millionKevin Malone, played lovingly by Brian Baumgartner, may have been a little slow while working for Michael Scott on The Office… but the dude sure got paid this past year! Thanks to the Cameo app, he was able to use his renown appearance and voice to make his fans and his bank account very happy!

Cameo’s co-founder and CEO Steven Galanis put it this way: “The person that did the most in revenue this year is Brian Baumgartner who is Kevin from The Office. He’ll do over $1 million this year in bookings. He really takes a lot of pride in his craftsmanship of the videos. He’s reliable. He turns them around quickly. And the content is really funny.”

Sounds pretty awesome to me! Baumgartner always did come off as a very down to Earth guy as well as hilarious. His Cameo account so far has 1,864 reviews and a solid 5-star rating. And if you were interested, he charges $195 per video. Happy holidays!

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