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SCREAM brought meta-horror to mainstream back when it was released in 1996 and since that style was fresh in new, the film stood out for its self-aware approach to the genre. In the years since other horror films have dabbled with meta styles and it made the angle a bit stale. Even the SCREAM films likely suffered in subsequent sequels due to the approach going stale. In an effort to do something new, SCREAM 5 producer Kevin Williamson, who wrote all of the films in the franchise except SCREAM 3, reveals that the upcoming fifth film will not be a meta-horror movie like the rest of the franchise. 

During a charity event that reunited the cast of the original SCREAM hosted by “Looped“, Williamson talked about the new installment and stated that the new film would not have the franchise’s signature meta-horror movie style. Williamson went on to explain that the meta style has been done repeatedly and that it was time to do something new. The writer and producer assured fans that they would be taking the franchise in a new and refreshing direction to honor Wes Craven’s legacy. Craven directed the first four films of the franchise and sadly passed away from cancer back in 2015. Check out what else Williamson had to say about the new film in the comment below:

“What I love about the new Scream is that it does take a fresh approach. It’s this beautiful sort of fresh new movie, but it also has this nostalgic factor that runs through it. That to me was a perfect blend of how to do the next Scream. So that was what I was most excited about. I’m blown away by the directors, and I was really nervous because nobody is Wes Craven. I was really hesitant to even jump on board and be a part of it, and boy am I glad I did because I think it’s going to make Wes proud.”

It might be a little jarring for fans to think of a SCREAM film not being a meta-horror movie given that it’s what the franchise is known for but this is probably great news for the new film. For a fifth installment, you need to keep things fresh and not just retread what came before. I will say the film may need some kind of fresh angle to not just be a generic slasher movie but everyone seems enthusiastic about what the directing team of Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillet have come up with to put a new spin on the SCREAM franchise. They seem to be paying homage to Craven and the legacy of the franchise and I have faith in them based on their past work that they are going to get this one right.

What do YOU think about the new SCREAM film dropping the meta-horror angle?

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