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Kim Kardashian officially filed for divorce from Kanye West after months of speculation that the two had split. The divorce seems like it’ll be a quick one, as it’s been reported that both stars consider it an amicable split and neither will contest their prenup. It didn’t take long for Kardashian to get countless propositions from overly optimistic Twitter users and Instagram commenters, but she seems to have gotten her first public shoutout from a fellow celebrity.

Nicholas Braun, the Emmy-nominated Succession actor, posted a humorous video on his Instagram jokingly shooting his shot for a date with Kim Kardashian. The actor opened the three-minute video by saying that the divorce news was “bumming” him out and that it “hurts to think about how they’re feeling and how she’s feeling.”

Braun, acting distraught in a chic turtleneck and clear glasses, wonders aloud if Kardashian would be willing to meet a new guy, “one who could make you laugh a little bit or make you feel small because he’s so tall.”

The 6’6″ star’s hypothetical conversation with Kim Kardashian about how she’s dealing with the separation and divorce is something that we’re sure countless others have been wondering, so it’s nice to see someone as eloquent as Braun explain it. Lili Reinhart and Hilary Duff rooted for the actor in the comments, with Reinhart writing, “Give her a little time… she’ll come around.”

We would note that at 5’2″, Kim Kardashian should be able to feel small next to most stars, so maybe Braun doesn’t have quite as much of an edge as he thinks. He does seem to have the humor aspect locked down at least.

Kardashian’s already been falsely connected with CNN’s Van Jones in the tabloids, so we wouldn’t be surprised if we see Braun’s joke pop up in further speculation about who she’ll date next.

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