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How are Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher holding up? 365 days ago Gossip Cop confronted a story about the two teetering on the edge of divorce. Let’s look back on that story to see how it turned out.

‘$280 Million At Stake’

In its cover story, OK! asserted that Kunis and Kutcher had resolved to not get divorced. A source said, “they’d pretty much been living separate lives, putting their careers first and not spending enough time together as a family.” The distance had become alarming, and Kunis even “told friends that things got so bad, she was thinking about leaving Ashton,” snitched the tipster. While they got close to divorce, Kunis and Kutcher decided to communicate instead, and they’re now staying together.

Gossip Cop busted this story for many reasons. The whole premise rested on the idea that Kuis couldn’t trust Kutcher anymore because of revelations in Demi Moore’s memoir. There’s no evidence that this is true, and the couple has never been as close to divorce as this tabloid claimed.

Was It True After All?

A year later and the couple is still together. This was a really disingenuous story because it claimed Kunis and Kutcher were reconciling, but no divorce was ever really imminent. The two have stayed close together throughout all of the quarantine, and Kunis continues to gush about Kutcher every chance she gets.

Gossip Cop also wants to point out that this was actually a repeated story. Back in May 2019, OK! claimed Kutcher and Kunis had gotten the marriage “back on track” after some serious issues. If the couple argued half as much as these reports say, they’d have split up a dozen times by now.

After constantly claiming the two would break up, this was OK!’s attempt at covering its tracks. Let’s not forget that Kunis and Kutcher have personally called out tabloids by mocking their cover stories. It’s good to know the couple remains unfazed by absurd stories like this.

Other Tall Tales

OK! has not relented in its bogus Kunis and Kutcher coverage. It later said these That 70’s Show stars were trying for a third baby, but it had no proof to back its story. This is the same magazine that acted like it had an exclusive interview with Kunis, but that was just a bait and switch.

Even if, and this is a big if, Kunis and Kutcher did break up, there’s no reason to believe that OK! would have the story before anyone else. It has no insight into their lives, so you cannot trust its stories.

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