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L.A. Law was one of the biggest legal dramas of the 80s and 90s, and so of course, it’s slated to return to our screens. Deadline has reported that ABC is developing a new incarnation of the series originally created by Steven Bochco and Terry Louise Fisher, and not only that, but original star Blair Underwood is slated to reprise his role of attorney Jonathan Rollins as well as executive produce the project.

The L.A. Law sequel will be written and executive produced by Arrow co-creator Marc Guggenheim and Legends of Tomorrow writer Ubah Mohamed, with Anthony Hemingway (American Crime Story) slated to direct and executive produce. The new take will find the “the venerable law firm of McKenzie Brackman reinvents itself as a litigation firm specializing in only the most high profile, boundary pushing and incendiary cases. Blair Underwood reprises his role as attorney Jonathan Rollins, who has gone from idealistic to more conservative as he clashes with millennial JJ Freeman to decide the best path forward for the firm to effect political and legal change.” Blair Underwood’s character will be dealing with a new generation of lawyers, and Deadline has heard that other cast members of the original series could make appearances should the sequel be ordered to series. In addition to Blair Underwood, L.A. Law also starred Corbin Bernsen, Jimmy Smits, Harry Hamlin, Richard Dysart, Alan Rachins, and more. Underwood joined the series during its second season and stayed with it until the end, but he didn’t return for the 2002 reunion movie.

Jesse Bocho, the son of the late Steven Bochco, played a big role in putting the L.A. Law sequel series together and will executive produce alongside Dayna Bochco, Steven’s widow. The original series dealt with issues such as “capital punishment, abortion, racism, homophobia, sexual harassment, HIV/AIDS, and domestic violence.

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