Screenshot of Judge Judy on her original show.

Judge Judy, also known as Judith Sheindlin, has made quite a name for herself with the long-running show Judge Judy. But after the show announced it would no longer film new episodes, long-time fans have been wondering if they’ll ever see Sheindlin on the screen again. A recent announcement from the famous judge may light up some excitement in her loyal fans. 

Judge Judy To Return To Television?

Recently, Sheindlin announced she will be returning to courtroom television beginning on November 1 for a brand new show. The name of Sheindlin’s show, Judy Justice, leaves almost no mystery regarding what the series will be about. Judy Justice is set to air weekdays on the underground free streaming service, IMDb TV, which is owned by Amazon. Because the streaming service is not very well known by the public, there’s a little pressure on Judy Justice to make a significant impact immediately. 

But Sheindlin isn’t worried about the show’s reviews one bit because there’s a new element that Judge Judy didn’t have. Sheindlin will be bringing in a new family member as she films the new series. Specifically, Shiendlin will be joined on the show by her granddaughter, Sarah Rose, who will serve as a legal analyst. According to Sheindlin, Rose is “smart, sassy, and opinionated” and will entice more viewers to stream Judy Justice

What Happened To Judge Judy? 

The final episode date for Judge Judy was only in late July 2021 after a remarkable 25 seasons. Because things ended so abruptly with Sheindlin’s last show, she decided it wasn’t her time to retire quite yet. In fact, Sheindlin expressed that the tension between the CBS network and herself was one thing that led to Judge Judy being canceled. 

According to Sheindlin, CBS bought out her ownership of Judge Judy reruns to prevent her from selling the show’s library to other companies. On her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Sheinline speculated CBS “felt they wanted to optimally utilize the repeats of my program because now they have 25 years of reruns.” 

But it appears as if Sheindlin isn’t letting the bad blood between her former show and CBS get in the way of things too much. Sheindlin herself remarked that Judy Justice will be very similar to Judge Judy in its style and content. “Look, I do what I do,” Sheindlin admitted. Based on the massive success Judge Judy earned, it’s anticipated that Judy Justice will lead to a similar positive response. 

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