The “Montero” video — in which he gives the devil a lap dance and rides a stripper pole into hell in the clip laden with religious and historic symbolism — has racked up more than 105 YouTube million views since its March 26 debut and sparked a nationwide conversation. The MCs team has made the most of the controversy with a trio of supplementary videos, including a “Satan’s Extended Version,” “But Lil Nas X Is Silent the Entire Time” instrumental take and the “bathroom of hell” edition.

And, ever the social media wizard, Lil Nas has responded to the Twitter tsunami of reaction with quick-witted comebacks, memes, GIFs and promotional content, entertaining unsuspecting Twitter users who had vehemently proclaimed their position on the video. He’s also garnered worldwide headlines with the announcement of 666 pairs of limited-edition satanic-themed Air Max 97 shoes that allegedly contained human blood in their soles, which drew a lawsuit from Nike.

Check out the “Twerk Hero” tease below.

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