I can’t believe it, but the time has finally come! We’ve finally cracked the Roger Moore era here on James Bond Revisited. When Sean Connery returned for DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER in 1971, it was a one-shot deal, paving the for Rog, who I must admit, is my nostalgic favorite. That said, it took Moore some time to make the part his own.

To some extent, he’s doing Sean Connery here, something which never really worked as the two men are so different. It comes off better here than in the follow-up, THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN, but to me, THE SPY WHO LOVED ME was his first great entry. Otherwise, this is a pretty fun Bond flick with some great action, a kick-ass theme song, and perhaps the silliest Bond villain death scene of all time. Check it out!

live and let die James Bond quad

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