My neighbor’s dog died this week. He had her for 18 years.  This is the same man who has seen so many of his friends and family die over the last year. His sister-in-law is terminally ill. His brother-in-law died about 18 months ago. His wife is taking off for a week – they have a timeshare.

He doesn’t go with her on the vacation. This is because she goes with her sister and they like to shop. He doesn’t like to shop.

“What you going to do while she’s gone?” I asked.
“Be lonely, I ‘spect.”

So honest and plainspoken.  He’s been with his wife since they were ten years old or so.

A lot of my clients are feeling lonely these days.  Usually, Saturn is in or nearing the 4th house. In other cases it’s a Saturn transit to the moon.  A Saturn transit to Venus can also bring up this kind of ache or lack.

These feelings have a purpose. You get to feeling so bad, you realize you’ve got to fix the situation. The dark period leads you to the dawn.

I came across this notion: the reason you don’t socialize is because you’re traumatized. I think it’s true.

Do you feel lonely? Have you ever felt lonely? Have you tried to remedy your situation? What’s the astrology?



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