The 24 year-old star, who tends to go completely off the grid in between projects, is positively radiant with big summer energy in the vibrant, beachy video for “Solar Power,” in which she dances across the sand with a large crew while busting out some of her signature moves in a yellow crop top and matching dress.

“I feel good. It’s been years of working on this music,” she told Triple J. “You know me, I go full hibernation when I’m working, so to be back is kind of surreal.” At press time no release date has been announced for the album, which Lorde said has a solar through line.

“Every song on the album, I did say it has to sound like the sun, and this one in a big way. It sounds like the beach, the waves, the girls lying on the beach,” she said of the shimmery first single, which features background vocals from Phoebe Bridgers and Clairo. It was co-written and co-produced by Lorde and frequent collaborator Jack Antonoff. “I really wanted it to have that vibe. The guitars, the drums — everything’s so sunny.”

After spending much of the pandemic outdoors, Lorde said nature had a huge impact on the sound of the project. “It’s definitely my most complex work — as a producer, as an arranger, as a musician. But I also love how light, playful, and fun it is,” she said, noting that she also spent a lot of time in the studio during lockdown, including work in New York with Antonoff last summer.

In the chat with Lowe, Lorde said that after spending much of her early teens and twenties “tightening snares, tightening high hats, getting everything as, you know, sterile as I could,” she took the complete opposite approach this time. The vibe of several “incredible summers” inspired her to seek out a new sound that was “raw and misty and feral… real drums, stereo bass, like just lean into it.”

Antonoff has become an important part of Lorde’s circle and she called the frequent Taylor Swift studio wiz an “incredible collaborator” who is “down for any idea. And when I came to him about this album, I was like, ‘look, I have this crazy vision. We’re going to have all these organic instruments. You’re going to play a sh–load of guitar and we’re going to see what happens.'”

Antonoff, not surprisingly, was totally into it and, she said, they had the best time exploring her new sonic world. She also loved adding some additional vocalists to the to her songs for the first time, heaping praise on Bridgers and Clairo. “I love those girls so much,” she said. “They killed it on the song. I was like, ‘who are my most like God tier female vocalists friends that could be on this?’ And they both just crushed. It was such a pleasure for me to have them.”

As for what to expect next, Lorde told Triple J that she’s already filmed “a bunch of videos” for the album via a “universe on a secret beach” that her team built, with the “Solar Power” clip serving as the introduction to the project’s world. “I play a kooky tour guide almost,” she says of her carefree persona in the visual, which, yes, she saved to coincide with this week’s solar eclipse.

Watch the Apple Music interview below.

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