m. night shyamalan old movie posterLooks like M. Night Shyamalan is back out there making his unique brand of movies! The UNBREAKABLE writer/director just took to Twitter to post an on-set pic as well as the first poster for his new film simply titled OLD. Have a look right now:

I’ve always been a fan of M. Night and although he has certainly had a few movie missteps, there’s no denying his flair for creativity as well as a sharp film industry acumen. And he sure knows how to intrigue as OLD once again has my attention. That poster featuring bodies dropping through an hour glass is pretty friggin’ sweet! What’s it all about? Well, as the film’s poster states: It’s only a matter of time. Here’s hoping that release date of July 2021 sticks! How do you all feel about the next M. Night film? Fire them comments below!

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