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Between Wonder Woman 1984, Pixar’s Soul, and now Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian, there’s no shortage of kickass content to watch on Christmas Day this year! Really though, when you stop to consider just how rough 2020 has been, don’t we all deserve something nice on the day Santa Claus comes to town? I certainly think so.

So, what is Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian, exactly? It’s an upcoming Disney special that will take fans of the live-action Star Wars series behind the scenes of the transformative second season of, you guessed it, The Mandalorian!

Here’s the official synopsis for the upcoming special:

From the triumphant return of legendary bounty hunter Boba Fett to the live-action debut of fan-favorite Ahsoka Tano, the second season of “The Mandalorian” is a fun, surprising, emotional thrill-ride that has kept fans excited to see how each new weekly chapter will unfold. Disney+ will bring viewers behind the scenes of the groundbreaking season in a new hour-long “Making of Season Two” special, premiering December 25 on the streaming service.

In this new installment of “Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian,” filmmakers and cast provide unprecedented access to the storytelling decisions and innovations that went into the second season of the Emmy Award-winning series.

 Featuring immersive on-set footage that places viewers right in the middle of the filmmaking process, and rare insights from the cast and crew, this special documentary explores the production of all 8 episodes in season two – from early concept art through the groundbreaking technology introduced in the series.

Holy jingle bells! Is there a way to ask Santa for more hours in the day for Christmas this year? I know that many of us are staying home but can I really budget my time between Wonder Woman 1984, Pixar’s latest tear-jerker, and the might of The Mandalorian? It’ll take a Christmas miracle but you can bet all the spiked eggnog that I’m going to try.

You can check out the new poster for Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian below, and be sure to fire up Disney Plus on December 25 to catch Disney’s latest behind the scenes exploration.

The Mandalorian, Disney Gallery, Disney Plus, Star Wars, Season 2

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